Jesse Joyce - Maxim Magazine

Jesse has opened for me extensively on the road so I’ve seen him do hundreds of sets. He is always super funny, has tons of material and the crowds love him. Bottom line, Jesse Joyce is a great comedian.
– Greg Giraldo

Fucking hilarious. So many great jokes 
– Seth MacFarlane

Jesse Joyce is a great writer.
– Dave Attell

Hilarious…One definitely not to miss!
– Time Out, Kuala Lumpur

He’s one of the premier roast writers in the world. 
– Jeff Ross

Wonderful! Very funny!
– Dick Cavett

Jesse Joyce is an amazing writer. Brilliant guy. 
– Jimmy Carr

he’s a GREAT WRITER and a funny stand up
– Jim Norton

Jesse is hilarious. Fucking brilliant. 
– Johnny Knoxville

“Jesse Joyce is a funny fucking guy” – Greg “Opie” Hughes from The Opie and Anthony Show

A strong headliner, he raises the bar for comedy in the city… highly recommended.
– Time Out, Hong Kong

Jesse Joyce is one of the most talented, creative and flat-out funniest comedians in New York City today
– Comic Strip Live (comedy club New York City)

A hilarious standup comic and a brilliant writer
– Pittsburgh City Paper

What an amazing performance from Joyce. It did Greg justice, as you can see where Giraldo got most of his great ideas for his legendary Comedy Central Roast appearances. Watching Joyce murder at the podium was comparable to Ben Bailey’s surprisingly legendary performance at the Patrice roast. I promise to get Jesse on stage for every future roast we do, and he will be a hard act to follow.

Jesse Joyce was the unseen and unheard brains behind many of Giraldo’s popular Roast jokes as Giraldo’s writing partner for the past few years. Giraldo was supposed to be the Roastmaster last week at Cringe Humor’s Roast of Jim Florentine. Instead, the roast raised money for Giraldo’s children, played a tribute video of Giraldo in concert, and then asked Jesse Joyce to take the podium. As you may have guessed already (if you’re a good guesser), Joyce crushed with a withering set of quips, insults and well-written barbs that you could imagine coming out of Giraldo’s mouth.

Jesse Joyce is a man too charming for his own good. And he’s funny… his brand of humor is his personality, just a natural way of looking at life that’s a little more skewed, just a little more shaded, a little more turned than the average person
– LUX Magazine

From yo-mama jokes to good, old-fashioned pithy put-downs, how can you not love ’em? Comedian Jesse Joyce is a master of the insult,

He’s the kind of weird, skinny, guy-next-door bohemian who’s done it all. Majored in art history, spent a year in a convent in Ireland (yes, a convent), cleaned urinals at the Pittsburgh Funnybone, shocking, then that the janitorial duties would bear the most fruit: Now Joyce is a runaway hit stand up comedian on the club stages of New York
– Pittsburgh Magazine

Joyce has a view askew enough to make any anecdote or observation surprising. He turns corners you didn’t know were there, makes associative leaps both improbable and exactly right.
– Albany Times Union

His wide eyes and funny expressions will have you laughing all night and making you beg for more Jesse.
-Palm Beach Pulse

Joyce to the World, Jesse’s debut recording, shows why he was so good on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. He has great timing. He speaks clearly. He’s a likable character on stage and his material is straight ahead with crossover appeal to people from all walks of life.
– The Comedians Magazine

Links to Huffington Post’s annual “Jokes You Didn’t Get To Hear” articles, rounding up Jesse’s unused roast jokes from the Comedy Central Roasts of Bieber, Franco, Roseanne, Sheen and the Academy Awards.  “They’re all hilarious, and some are much darker than what actually aired.”
– Huffington Post